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Representative Information:

Initial inquiries to Jody Harger (volunteer coordinator) by email preferred at 7hillsnh@gmail.com.


The Seven Hills Neighborhood House (SHNH) in Cincinnati’s West End has been a social services resource and community gathering place since 1961. A daily safe haven and second home, it serves 1,500-2,500 at-risk children, teens, families, seniors, and disadvantaged citizens annually from one of Cincinnati’s most socio-economically challenged areas via a wide variety of programming.


Seven Hills encourages people of all ages and demographics to learn the value of community.  The volunteer program includes opportunities for teams of individuals to experience community service, personalized volunteer plans for students to complete capstone and other academic projects, and a variety of opportunities for students to experience service and personal growth particular concerning low-income, vulnerable populations.  


Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Housing / Street Auditors (science, geography majors, architecture, other) Students will be assigned specific locations and asked to accompany 7 Hills youth on street walks. Together, they will visit vacant and abandoned buildings and complete a checklist describing observed attributes of those buildings and the streets they are located on. The will take photographs using a given protocol.  Photos and checklist will then be uploaded to a database for analysis. Each student pair will be asked to complete 6-10 audits in total. Needed: 10 student pairs

  • Business Survey Administrators (business majors) Students will work with community members to develop a survey to community businesses.  The survey will focus on economic development in the West End as well as the business community’s needs and assets.  Students will then make appointment with businesses to administer the survey via in person or on the phone interviews. The students will then enter the data in a database for analysis. The West End has a West End Businesses Organization as a resource. Needed: 10 student pairs

  • Government and Non-Profit Organization Survey Administrators (business majors, health, other) Students will work with community to develop a survey to administer to governmental organizations and nonprofits in or serving those living in the West End.  The students with make appointments to administer the survey via in-person interview or via phone. Organizations to survey include the Cincinnati Fire Department, The West End Library, the YMCA, the Lincoln Center, St. Vincent DePaul, Boys and Girls Club, the Freestore Foodbank, Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority. 6-8 student pairs

  • Stakeholders / Leaders Survey Administrators (organization leadership, other) Students will develop a survey to administer to stakeholders and leaders in the West End. The students will then make appointments to administer the survey via in-person interview or via phone. Possible leaders include Executive members of the Community Council, the Cincinnati Fire Department, the Cincinnati Police Department, other politicians or community advocates.  Needed: 4-6 students

  • Community Resident Surveyors (health, psychology, sociology, other) Students will develop two surveys to administer to residents of the West End and to clientele of the 7 Hills Neighborhood Houses Findlay Street Center.  The first survey will focus on the perceived needs and assets of the community.  The second will focus on community and environmental health specifically.  Students will walk the streets approaching residents as well as hold community days at the Findlay Street Center to administer the survey via an audience response system. Needed: 25-30 pairs of students

  • West End Clean- Up Day Volunteers (all majors) To promote healthy community and recycling in the West End, students will plan and participate in community clean-up day in collaboration with 7 Hills youth and possibly Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.  Students will develop flyers and posters to advertise the cleanup day and recycling program in general. Needed: 4 student planners/leaders and 30 student cleanup volunteers

  • Freeman Street Building Clean-Up Volunteers (all majors) Students will plan and participate in the clean-up of 7 Hills Freeman Street building. The project primarily requires garbage removal. Students will also be asked to assess the building and recommend repairs. Needed: 15-20 volunteers

  • 7Hills Clothing Sorters (art, design majors) Students will design and plan a clothing giveaway “store” and sort donated clothing items and plan and organize items for future display in a giveaway store. Needed: 4-6 self –motivated students

  • 7Hills Office & Storage Room Make Over-ers (art, design, engineering majors)Students will plan and participate in the organization of 7Hills office and storage spaces.  Organization entails sorting of office  and storage space contents, identification of storage options, removal of unneeded materials, cleaning and repurposing of furniture, identification of items needed, and possibly painting.  There are 10-12 spaces to be cleaned and organized. Needed: 8-10 students

  • Preschool & After School Program Reading Mentors (education majors) Students will support preschool (during school day) and the after school program (during the 3-6pm period) by helping children with their homework & reading with them. Students can also develop and administer fun classes for children to help them learn about reading, math etc. Needed: Open

  • Weekend Sports & Beyond (education, health, math majors) Students will plan and support weekly events (for the weekend or evenings) that involve both learning and athletics (basketball) that are age appropriate.  For example, Learn activities might include reading and math games for younger children and older children and teens might enjoy a game show format.  Learning is for 1 hour followed by a basketball or other activity thereafter (1-2 hours). Needed: 2-4 student planners and 8-10 volunteers

  • Data Entry Volunteers (computer, other majors) Students will contact 7 Hills athletic teams and program coordinators and staff and ask that they have all participants/parents complete and return 7Hills Health and Activity forms and Permission slips.  The students will facilitate their collection and will enter these forms into a pre-prepared database so that a report can be developed for sharing. Needed: 2 planners/collectors; 4-6 entry personnel

  • Teen Career Mentors (Short-Term) (education, other majors) Students will plan the matching of  (via a survey or approach they develop) and be paired with a 7 Hills teens and share with them their education and career paths one on one.  They will then help the student explore and research career options for them.  Students can work with 2-4 7 Hills teens. Needed: 2-4 planners, 10-15 students

  • One-on-One Mentors (Long-Term) (all majors) Students will match (via a survey or approach they develop) with a 7 Hills youth and support their educational and personal growth.   Students will receive training from the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative. A 1 year commitment is required. Needed: 20 students

  • Spring Career Fair (all majors) Students will plan and support a career program (fair, mock career interviews) at 7Hills to help youth and community members learn about future career possibilities. Needed: 2-4 planners; 8-10 volunteers

  • Spring Health Fair (health and education majors) Students will plan and support a health fair at 7Hills to provide screenings and education about health using a modifiable format already developed for another venue. Needed: 2-4 planners; 8-10 volunteers

  • Spring Fundraisers/Donation Campaigners (all majors) Students will plan and support a donation campaign or fundraiser to support additional programming at the Center. Needed: 2-4 planners; 8-10 volunteers

  • Spring Food Drive (all majors) Students will plan and support a food and hygiene supply drive for the Center’s Food Pantry. Needed: 2-4 planners; 8-10 volunteers


Hours of operation; times and dates when service experience takes place: The Center is open M-F 9am-6pm with events in the evenings and on the weekends as announced. For a more accurate time when service can take place, please contact Jody, the volunteer coordinator


Orientation, training, and/or background checks requirements: A Short Online Volunteer application required. Mandatory general training; some opportunities will have position specific training. Volunteers working regularly with children/youth will require a background check.


Transportation: Must provide own transportation


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